Checkout How Your Favorite Nigerian Celebrities Will Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Every February 14th the year is always the day set aside for lovers across the world to celebrate themselves. 

t is Valentine’s day and a lot of people have begun to make preparation for this year’s day. Some Nigerian celebrities were asked how they intend to celebrate the lovers’ day and some of their response will make you laugh.

Punchng took time to question some selected Nigerian celebrities on their plans for Valentine’s day. Read their responses below:

Anita Joseph

My plans are secret: I have yet to know what my boyfriend has in stock for me this year. I wouldn’t also disclose whatever I am planning because I believe that it’s supposed to be a secret.

My most memorable Valentine experience was in Dubai some years ago. My boyfriend bought me a car and gave it to me on Valentine’s Day.

Belinda Effah

I will just go with the flow: I’m not expecting anything for this year’s Valentine’s Day but if something comes, that would be fine. I’m a very open-minded person. I don’t like to be disappointed; so, I don’t have any expectations.

Valentine has always been neutral for me; I don’t regard it as being special. I usually don’t have any expectations. I prefer days like Christmas because it is about the celebration of God’s love, which is the best. I’m not trying to be a sadist but I still don’t understand the notion of Valentine. However, some people see it as a day to show extra love.

My most memorable Valentine’s Day experience was when someone really nice made me feel like a queen and bought a lot of gifts for me. I still cherish the memories till date.

Basorge Tariah

I will tell my wife I love her:  I don’t particularly celebrate Valentine’s Day; so, I have never had a bad experience on the day.

My wife loves Valentine and she is the one that usually makes it memorable. I don’t usually celebrate birthdays and some of the other events people celebrate because I feel that celebration should be for every day.

However, the most memorable Valentine’s Day experience I’ve had was when I returned home once and I found that my wife had set the table tastefully with food and candles.She treated me to some very nice meals but I kept laughing all through because it was novel to me.

Even though I do not subscribe to the practice of Valentine’s Day, I will continue the yearly ritual by calling my wife to tell her how much I love her.

Ebube Nwagbo

I will be too busy to celebrate: I don’t have any plan to celebrate it this year too. I would probably spend the day at work. I don’t have any memorable Valentine’s Day.

I have always been working on that day. I believe in the celebration but I’ve just always been too busy to experience it.

Shan George

I don’t have plans: For me, it is a day to remind your loved ones that they still mean a lot to you. Unfortunately, there is no celebration for me.

I am at a movie location till February 26; so, I don’t have plans. Goodwill prayers from family and friends the best Valentine’s gift I’ve always had.

Yemi Solade

Valentine’s day is alien to our culture: I don’t indulge in such western practices. I don’t celebrate it because it is not part of our tradition. I celebrate my wife and loved ones whenever I like.


It’s going to be special one for my wife and me: I have an event in Ondo State and my wife will go with me. This is my first Valentine’s Day celebration as a married man and I want it to be special for us.

It is a day meant for lovers and people use the opportunity to buy gifts for each other. There is no gift I will get that is bigger than being alive to witness another Valentine celebration.


I was offered sex on Valentine’s day: I will be busy performing at events, but I will try to make out time to call to some of my fans and wish them well.

The celebration is all about extending love to people. I have been offered sex as Valentine’s gift before. I know people will not believe it, but that is the truth.

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