Cover Art Mistakes That Work Against Your Music On Streaming Services And In General


The first point of contact of the music listeners to a new song is the cover art. It has been observed that, if the cover art does not look appealing to the listener, he/she most likely would not listen to the song as against when the art is very appealing. Worse off are the digital platforms who provide online and streaming services; as failure to comply with their guidelines can mean that your music won’t be uploaded to their platform.

Many are not aware that there are guiding rules that are in place guiding the cover arts of music. It is however important to state that the general rule guiding the cover art is that all cover arts must be unique in itself, depicting the message of the music. Here are some points to keep in check when making a cover art for your music:

No Information Mismatch:

1.The information on the cover art must match with the information attached to your music i.e artist name, title of single or album.

2.There shouldn’t be record label information on the cover art.

3.Parental advisory warnings are not necessary, so far there is the ‘explicit content’ tag on the cover art.

4.Artist name abbreviation: When abbreviating your name, ensure you abbreviate the name completely and not just a part of the name.

5.If you are featuring another artist on the track, ensure there are no information mismatch on the cover art.

6.Avoid copyright and trademark infringement. You don’t put the logo of a company or brand you have no affiliations with on your cover art without express permission.

6.The use of the tag ‘original’ for songs covers are unnecessary.

7.Avoid using watermarked images.

8.Avoid stretching your images aspect ratio. This causes image blurriness.
Avoid up-scaling your low-res image to a larger size.

9.Avoid excessive and irrelevant text on your cover art.
Avoid including your contact info, pornographic images, violent images, racist signs or logos etc.

It’s important to note here that there are no rules guiding ‘Word Casing’ so you are at liberty to use whatever case-mix as you see fit. You can also use the same image for all you release, so far the text on the cover art differs.

If you have an image without text, that’s fine as long as you don’t use it for another release. It’s also okay to include your social media handles on your artwork so long as you don’t mention the names of these social media platforms.


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