Days After Giving Birth, New Mother Murders Landlord With Hammer Then Commits Suicide


A‘depressed’ new mother, has been reported dead after she used a hammer to batter her landlord to death in his sleep before hanging herself days after giving birth.

According to Daily Mail UK, the body of the 50 year old victim, Adim Baba, was found dumped in a bin with several skull fractures after the culprit, Tabussum Winning, 34, was found hanged at her flat.

A post mortem gave the cause of Baba’s death as ‘blunt force trauma’ head injuries with a lack of ‘defensive’ injuries suggesting he suffered a ‘prolonged attack’ in his sleep.

Police authorities in the city said that the delayed discovery of the victim’s body was ‘unfortunate’ but added:

“While we believe that no other people were involved in either death, we will be reviewing our evidence in light of the coroner’s ruling and comments.”

According to an inquest, Winning stayed with her husband, Brian, and the Pakistani father of her baby, Yasir Nisar, 33, after giving birth and being discharged from hospital.

Family members of the victim, who suffered several health problems in the past, said:

“Opportunists took advantage of his vulnerability and his kind nature.We thought cancer was his worst enemy however an even worse fate was waiting for him.”


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