Desperate Naija Big Boys Arrested In Toronto For $10m Fraud, One On The Run


Toronto police have arrested two Nigerian men, and are looking for a third, after they allegedly broke up a massive GTA fraud ring.

Police allege the trio used identity theft and fraud to fund a lavish lifestyle that included $10,000 crocodile shoes and $150,000 watches. But the flashy clothing was just the tip of the iceberg: they allegedly stole $10m from Canadians, Canadian institutions, and people living abroad.

Their names were given as;
Adedayo Ogundana (Pictured”) 45, also known as Oladipupo Ogund, of Toronto, Adekunle Johnson Omitiran, 37, of Toronto.

A warrant has been issued for Duro Akintola, 44, also known as Michie Noah, of Toronto.

Emmanuel Salako, 47, of Toronto, also known as Gee Salaq, has been indicted by the United States Postal Inspection Service in Chicago under the name George Salako.

He is wanted in the U.S.

The investigation began last summer. In the probe, police allegedly seized “37 fraudulently-obtained credit cards, hundreds of pieces of presumably stolen mail, and a series of notebooks containing the handwritten identity information of approximately 5,000 GTA residents.”

Police believe Omitiran had ties to people with “legitimate” access to identity information. Those people, police allege, sold them information to Omitiran. Police are trying to track them down.


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