Fast Rising Model Act “Adeyemi Gbemisola” Could Be Another “Serena Williams”


1.Hey what’s up my people meet the fast rising modelling act agency….What’s your name ? People really want to know more about you cause some have been tripping all about you for some weeks ago now to get to know you…….

Whats up my people its your ever dopest modelling act adeyemi gbemisola a.k.a gbemmie baby
2.What’s your status act model adeyemi gbemisola?

Am presently Single now having a noted gist of becoming the best act model in the industry
3.When were you born?

I was born on August 3rd in Nigeria a native of Ogun state at ijebu ode

4.Whats your origin of modelling career in life?

I got started from the so called harry modelling agency company where I was formerly intending to stylish go into acting also but I later discover my love for the model and I also appreciate my boss then

5.Act gbemisola do you ever imagine of becoming a model before?

Yes I do right from my tender age have been working towards it and am very grateful for been into it now

6.Heard you worked as a model at 3 different places is that TRUE?

No it just two it was from Harry modelling agency before and presently at
kissconceptz modelling agency company

7.Do you really have passion for the modelling work?

Yes I do cause I have been dreaming and acting about it right from my childhood and presently working on it never quit and will never quit…….

8.What makes you to go for modelling?

Extremely cause i have passion for it and I have what it takes to be a model cause I believe in my self and i do my home works steadily

9.Were you given something like pet names or something unique while you still at kiss concept modelling agency?

Yeah sure most of my friends do call me gbemisola the best but my boss do call me best ever ……

10.So what do you do at your leisure time or what you practice as exercises when you are less busy for nothing?

I love to chat with my friends online and love swimming at the pool and later go for some rest

11.Which of the top modelling act are you looking up to as top model in the industry?

Serena Williams

12.Who is the current manager you working with?

Am presently working with@Benarld onimisi by name and have been grateful and blessed since right from the day we started working together and i feel thankful…………

Here are some of her shots below for some kind of taste…..


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